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Crossfit Hyperactive

Develop Functional Strength & Conditioning.


Crossfit Hyperactive class

Develop a Healthier, more Active Lifestyle!


What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is many things. It is a core strength and conditioning program that combines gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio type activities, such as running and rowing, to create an inclusive fitness program that people of all ages can enjoy.

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Weekly Schedule

We have 8 CrossFit classes per day. Each class will consist of a proven blend of strength training and high-intensity conditioning. Our first daily class starts at 5:00am, are you up to the challenge? Find the time slot that is best for you. 

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Our coaches are committed to helping you achieve your goals with quality coaching and experience that will help you get in the best shape of your life. We will safely motivate and encourage you to live a more active lifestyle both inside and outside.

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About CrossFit Hyperactive

The first thing you notice as you walk into our CrossFit box in Salinas, California is the unique atmosphere including an immediate sense of community. There is a distinct feeling of energy and camaraderie as CrossFit Hyperactive members work out together side by side. There is no separation between women and men, old or young. All CrossFit Hyperactive members are treated as unique athletes!


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Facebook Feed

Wednesday September 20th

AMRAP 8 Minutes
2 Pull-ups
2 Front Squats
4 Pull-ups
4 Front Squats...
*Each round increase by 2 reps

Rest 2 Minutes Then:

AMRAP 8 Minutes
2 Box Jumps
2 Push Jerks
4 Box Jumps
4 Push Jerks...
*Each round increase by 2 reps
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18 hours ago

Tuesday September 19th

Deadlift (5-5-5-5-5)

For Time:
50 KB Highpulls
15 Toes 2 Bar
50 Ball Slams
15 Toes 2 Bar
50 OH Lunges with Plate
15 Toes 2 Bar
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2 days ago

Monday September 18th

AMRAP 18 Minutes:
Run 3 Big Laps
100 Air Squats
50 Sit-ups
25 Burpees
Then Max Reps
Squat Snatches
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3 days ago

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