About Us

CrossFit Hyperactive was established in May of 2014. We’re located in Downtown Salinas. 

The first thing you’ll notice as you walk into our CrossFit box is the unique atmosphere. The immediate sense of community is very welcoming. There is a distinct feeling of energy and camaraderie as members work out together side by side. There is no separation between women and men, old or young. All members are treated as unique athletes!

Our Program

Our group Workouts-of-the-Day (WODs) are designed for overall fitness and vary each day. The daily work-outs are planned to develop functional strength and conditioning, using a variety of weightlifting techniques, body weight exercises, and intense cardio and plyometric activities. CrossFit Hyperactive will help you build mental and physical strength, in addition to power, speed, endurance, and flexibility. For those of you looking for more than just a daily WOD, weightlifting classes are also offered as a way to increase strength and improve technique in basic Olympic lifts.

New to CrossFit?

Please don’t be intimidated! Our trainers are experts at making sure you are able to complete the daily workouts in a safe and healthy manner. All workouts can be and will be modified to fit your basic athletic needs. That way you can still be part of our classes and move at your own pace.

Come in and let us help you live a more active lifestyle. No fitness background is required to get started. Our trainers and experienced members strive to create a supportive environment where ANY and ALL can achieve their fitness goals.