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Compete For CaliHype

A Same Sex Partner Competition to support Team CaliHype

These four athletes below have qualified to compete this year at the WODAPALOOZA in Miami, FL. We are hosting an event to fundraise and support them with their trip to Florida. 

If interested in registering a team, registration is $80.

Email jesse@crossfithyperactive.com and let us know your team name and partners. Use the support our team link below.

When: Saturday, February 15th

Where: CrossFit Hyperactive (329 Monterey Street. Salinas, Ca,93901)

Time: 9am-3pm


Heather Loflin

Heather is 29 years old and has been CrossFitting for 7 years. She originally started at CrossFit Combat Fitness and is now training at California Precision Strength and Conditioning. She loves how CrossFit is about being prepared for life for the known and unknown. She really enjoys how the program can prepare you physically and mentally and how it gives her the opportunity to push herself every day. She has always loved sports and when she was done playing college sports, she still had a drive to compete and CrossFit gave her that. It also gave her the opportunity to travel to places she never thought she would go.

Shelby Rae Vanasen

Shelby is 23 years old and has been CrossFitting for 3 years. She originally started in Porterville at CrossFit Powerhouse. Currently she trains at California Precision Strength and Conditioning. She fell in love with how CrossFit brings the community together. She has always had a passion for competing and loves to challenge herself.


Sal Flores

Sal is 26 years old and started CrossFit in 2012. He originally started at the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, Ca. He has been a huge part of our community since CrossFit Hyperactive opened in 2014. He loves CrossFit because it pushes him to greater limits. He loves competing because he enjoys challenging himself, winning, and meeting new people.

Jesse Suarez-Lopez

Jesse is 30 years old and has been CrossFitting for 10 years. He started CrossFit in 2009 at the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, Ca. He had the opportunity to help establish CrossFit in Salinas, Ca early in his career and then went on to open CrossFit Hyperactive in 2014.