Friday May 8th

AMRAP 15-20 Minutes

50 Jumping Jacks

40 Crunches

30 Step-ups

Option 2:

50 Single Unders or Double Unders

40 Crunches

30 Weighted Step-ups

*For the step-ups, find an object you can carry as you perform your reps.


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Wednesday May 6th

Get out of the house!! For Today's workout, we challenge you to get outside! Go on a hike, a jog, walk around the block! Enjoy the weather. Have fun!

Tuesday May 5th

AMRAP 15-20 Minutes 20 Deadlifts with object 40 Bicylce Crunches 60 Air Squats *For the deadlifts, we need your help finding an object you can use as load. It can be a barbell, box, duffle bag, backpa

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